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The Crypto Convertible Bond through Zenza Capital PTE. Limited (Singapore) is the first of its kind SEC Compliant Convertible Bond that allows investors to participate in acquiring RYO at the lowest price prior to it’s upcoming Public Listing.

This novel instrument gives investors the option upon the Conversion Event, to convert to RYO tokens (which will be freely exchanged globally) for an exit strategy, or convert to equity in the company. In addition, prior to the conversion, the note pays 2% interest in RYO tokens.

Zenza Capital PTE. Limited has established the world's first SEC Compliant Convertible Bond, strategically assembled by world-renowned legal advisors Schulman Rogers, and Linklaters, as well as compliance advisors, such as Guidehouse.

Shulman Rogers


is to enable all users of RYO, regardless of gender, age, social class and religion, to be treated equally with integrity, dignity and respect. On our way to realizing this goal, we strive to be the safest, easiest-to-build-upon and most widely used blockchain platform in the world.

RYO Coin



is the first crypto asset with a unique ecosystem in the De-Fi and blockchain space that is easy to understand and use by everyone in their daily lives! Its primary vertical focuses on a web3 payment system.

However, RYO has multiple verticals within its ecosystem designed for simplicity and usability for everyone’s daily life. The ecosystem includes an easy-to-use digital LIFE Wallet for secure crypto storage, easy transfers & transactions, as well as the first-of-its-kind e-commerce platform, called the Global Mall, that unites merchants who accept RYO, other crypto assets, and credit cards for their goods and services.

The RYO Ecosystem is designed to simplify onboarding, navigating and everyday use of cryptocurrency.

This dynamic ecosystem is further fortified with a Crypto ATM Network to help facilitate convenient buy-and-sell transactions using a familiar platform that everyone already understands. The RYO Project has fostered a loyal and dedicated community of over 100,000 supporters, influencers, crypto traders, and consumers, who are eagerly anticipating the public listing of RYO through its Exchange offering.



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    WORLD CLASS TEAM RYO’s world class team consists of the crypto industry’s best talent, including high-caliber programmers, global marketers, advisors, futurists, inventors, influencers and financiers; pooling of their resources over the past several years has enabled the creation of a groundbreaking blockchain protocol having unprecedented capabilities.

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    RYO BLOCKCHAIN RYO is architected on a blockchain that has been re-invented and built from scratch. Capitalizing on the latest Silicon Valley blockchain technology, the RYO Core Blockchain is capable of processing a remarkably high number of transactions per second, is secure, flexible, scalable and above all – easy to use. The use of Advanced Intelligent Mining (AIM) software translates into exceptional mining efficiencies with a 50% or higher reduction in power consumption.

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    ECOSYSTEM The interfaces of cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges currently on the market are unnecessarily complex for first-time users. We believe that SIMPLICITY IS THE KEY TO USABILITY, and as part of RYO’s ecosystem, have created our own digital wallet and online shopping platform with user-friendly interfaces and onboarding processes so that it is easy for anyone to buy, store, sell or trade RYO.

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    LIFE WALLET Our LIFE Wallet® is a game-changing e-wallet that has been carefully crafted with the overall user experience in mind. Bank level security ensures that RYO and other crypto assets in the wallet are ultra-secure, and a proprietary Connect button enables users to visit social media platforms or any other internet sites important to their daily lives without having to leave the LIFE Wallet

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    THE GLOBAL MALL A core element of the RYO ecosystem, the Global Mall® is an intuitive and innovative e-commerce platform that provides a simple, fast and convenient shopping experience. A user-friendly interface enables shoppers to buy products and services from online merchants on the Global Mall® directly from their LIFE Wallets® using RYO or credit/debit cards as methods of payment.

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    EXCHANGE & CRYPTO ATM NETWORK Zenza Capital has an exclusive license agreement with an FSA-approved cryptocurrency exchange and holder of the first official Japanese Crypto ATM License to operate a nationwide network of Crypto ATMs. Through strategic alliances and franchise locations with other businesses, we have an aggressive plan to rapidly expand our Crypto ATM network throughout Japan.

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    STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS Zenza Capital is a partner centric organization. Our key to success is forging partnerships with strategically aligned industry leaders to ensure the efficient and effective deployment of new business strategies within RYO’s ecosystem. Our founders, strategic partners and advisors share our grand vision of achieving RYO’s mass adoption in order to have a positive impact on citizens around the world - each brings well-established interconnected networks in the blockchain space which will fast-track our completion of key milestones.


  • RYO’s state-of-the-art blockchain delivers maximum transactional capacity and unprecedented innovation by optimizing speed and employing future-proof security features.
  • RYO can be safely stored in our LIFE Wallet®, which has been developed as multi-platform software with seamless interoperability and bank level security to safeguard all crypto assets and data, including transaction records or personal ID.
  • RYO, and the RYO Core Blockchain that powers it, embody the next generation of cryptocurrencies that are redefining the user experience with a robust wallet and suite of tools that enable the integration of e-commerce sites, currency exchanges and banking systems, avoiding the pitfalls of earlier blockchains.
  • RYO deploys the best protocols developed over the past 30 years in the industry to ensure seamless integration and performance, regardless of the complexity of business needs.
  • RYO aims to bring cryptocurrency easy to use for everyone in their daily lives by introducing innovative e-commerce solutions such as the Global Mall®, which allows users to purchase products or services directly from their LIFE Wallet
  • RYO’s deployment of market defining systems, integration protocols and multiple business models to exploit the blockchain differentiates it from all other blockchains. RYO’s extensive suite of IP and array of unique features not found in any other blockchain give it a clear edge in the ever-evolving blockchain space.
  • RYO enables all currencies and assets to be used INSTANTLY and SECURELY in any type of legal transaction, and can also be used to buy, sell or trade both tangible or intangible assets.
  • RYO will help address the plight of an estimated 2 billion people globally who do not have access to banks or other financial institutions (the “unbanked”) by providing access to a mobile money market on its blockchain for fast, affordable and secure end-to-end transactions.


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